Which idea do you like most? Many of you have asked me to show you

Which idea do you like most? Many of you have asked me to show you how to style master bathrooms. It’s kind of tricky because our master baths is usually taken over by things we need and use on a daily basis. The trick is to better display the use items and be creative with it. Here is a short video that showcases different ways you can decorate by displaying the daily items you use. Let me know if you found this video helpful ️

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  1. Off to hit up amazon for the decanters. I must say, love love love that I found your page!! Not working right now so trying my best to bring our home to a coZy yet stylish place!! I like to think I have good taste but, need ideas. And your bringing them to me!! 🤗🤗 TY!!

  2. Love this! I never thought about a decanter for mouthwash. I do have my other items stored in glass and plastic bottles. Where did you get the tray that the mouthwash is on and the towel tray? I absolutely love them! One more thing, could you do a tutorial on how to decorate above kitchen cabinets? I just bought a new house and I need some ideas instead of the typical fake plant display lol. Thank you and continue to do what you do! Your work is phenomenal!!!

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